Have Climate-control Devices Cleaned and Inspected

When you own a business or a home in Illinois, it is essential for you to hire heating and cooling Palatine technicians at least twice a year. Spring and autumn are the best times of year to have climate-control equipment cleaned and serviced so that you can have a building that is the correct temperature. If you are concerned about saving money on the cost of cooling and heating a building, then having the climate-control devices serviced can remove debris that increases the amount of fuel required for adequate climate-control.

Avoid Emergency Repairs

To avoid needing an emergency service call on the hottest day or coldest night of the year, make sure to have an air conditioner and furnace checked for problems. If your Palatine heating and cooling technicians notice a defect in a component, then it is better to have it repaired at your convenience than during a blizzard or a heat wave. Most technicians have extra parts on their vans, and they can make a repair easily during the same visit to your property.

Request an Inspection Today

In some cases, you may have purchased an air conditioner or furnace that requires inspections to keep the warranty valid. If you fail to document routine service calls with the company that sold you the climate-control device, then when something malfunctions on the equipment, the manufacturer won’t pay for the repair or the replacement of the air conditioner or furnace. However, when you can document that a furnace or air conditioner is requiring constant repairs despite being maintained, the manufacturer may need to replace the device at no cost to you. To learn more about requesting a heating and cooling inspection in Palatine, contact Five Star Heating & Air Inc.

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