Making Decorations with Crates

There’s nothing like decorating your home with unique items. A wooden crate is one of those things that you can transform into almost anything that you can imagine. When you look for wooden crates wholesale, you want to try to find a few different sizes instead of getting them all the same size. This will lend to more uses from the crates. A benefit of wooden crates is that you can paint them and add any features that you want to personalize them for any area of your home.

If you have a bench on your patio, then paint the crates to match your patio furniture or the cushions that are on the furniture. Place the crates under the bench or in a corner of the patio to hold items that are used in the yard. Attach wheels to the base of a crate, stacking two crates together to make a rolling cart. You can position the cart that you make anywhere in your home and place any kind of decoration on the top or on the shelves.

When you purchase wooden crates wholesale, you want to examine the texture of the wood as this can often determine how much you have to sand the surface before you apply paint or before leaving the crates in their natural format. If you nail the crates together, avoid using a lot of nails because they could splinter a bit easier than other types of wood that you could use.

Paint crates white to make a space for your linens in the bathroom or for dishtowels and cloths in your kitchen. Put several crates together to make an outdoor bar area for entertaining. Attach metal posts to the bottom of a crate for an end table. The ideas for ways to use these crates are almost endless if you use your imagination.

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