When Is Working with a Bail Bondsmen Service in Kingston, NY Necessary?

After an arrest, the accused is typically offered bail. This is an amount of money that can be paid to secure their release. Depending on the charges they’re facing, the bail amount can be thousands of dollars or more, which is often unaffordable. However, if the accused would like help securing their release, a friend or family member can seek help from a bail bondsmen service in Kingston, NY for them.

How a Bail Bond Can Help

When bail is too expensive, there are options apart from having to remain in jail until all hearings are completed. Obtaining a bail bond is the most common option as it provides the accused with assistance paying the full bail amount so they can be released as fast as possible. Typically, a friend or family member will need to secure the bond. Then, the bail bondsman will pay the bail amount and the accused can be released. The entire process typically takes just a few hours.

When the Accused Doesn’t Have Sufficient Funds

If the accused does not have enough money to pay their bail, they can seek help from a bail bondsman. Their friend or family member will be able to pay just 10% of the full bail amount or use collateral to secure the bond. Once the hearings are complete, so long as the accused followed all of the terms of the bond, the only thing they will pay is the service fee. They won’t owe any further money to the bondsman.

When the Accused Needs Their Funds Available to Hire a Lawyer

The accused might have sufficient funds to cover the full bail amount, but that would deplete their savings. In these cases, it is still possible for them to obtain a bail bond. The main reason for this is so they have sufficient funds leftover to be able to hire a lawyer. The process is still the same, so they can save a significant amount of money by opting for a bail bond.

If your loved one has been arrested, they may need help paying their bail so they can be released from jail. One way to help them is by using a bail bondsmen service in Kingston, NY to secure a bail bond. Schedule consultation today to learn more.

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