Contact An Elder Abuse Attorney In Sacramento If You Suspect Your Loved One Is A Victim of Abuse

As our parents and grandparents grow older, it becomes our responsibility to care for them as they did for us and as they would have us do for them. Unfortunately in this day and age, preventing elder abuse is a very real concern for many. If you suspect your loved one is suffering at the hands of others, do not hesitate to contact an elder abuse attorney in Sacramento area to take action. In the mean time, experts offer the following tips for caregivers and loved ones to help identify when an elderly one may be a victim of abuse.

*Stay attuned to your loved one’s physical health. Keep an eye out for any scratches, bruises or burns. Note if they experience tenderness from a mere touch.

*Psychological abuse is just as real as any broken bone. Look for signs of threats, verbal abuse such as humiliating taunts by nurses or orderlies, or intimidation. Your loved one may unexplainably have changes in their mood, become withdrawn or become disoriented.

*Look for signs of neglect such as poor hygiene, poor nutrition, wrong doses of medication, or stained clothes.

*Financial abuse is another area where many elderly adults are taken advantage. Children and grandchildren should monitor their accounts for large withdrawals, as this could be a signal someone is manipulating their finances. Furthermore, they may have fallen victim to unscrupulous telemarketers, the sad tale of a nursing home employee or fake repair on their home.

The good news is our senior citizens are living longer due to better health care; however, it’s up to us to care for them, watching out for their best interests when they can no longer do so. If your loved one is in an assisted living community, you cannot assume they are going to take care of your loved one completely. In many locations, the love of the almighty dollar has taken precedence over the care of the seniors themselves.

If you suspect someone you love is being neglected, call an elder abuse attorney for a consultation. Talk to them about your suspicions and find out where you need to go from here. It’s the least you can do for the one who has loved you for so long.

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