What scooter; 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

If you are giving serious consideration to purchasing a scooter with an engine size from 50 to 125cc you may be wondering whether you should opt for a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke. If you are thinking of a scooter with a 50cc engine there are a number of options for both, if however, you are thinking of going larger, say 125cc then the market is considerably more limited.

To better understand your choices it might help if you knew a little about the way these two types of engines work. A 2 stroke engine is pretty simple and straight forward and normally a 2 stroke engine takes very little in the way of scooter service in Charleston SC. A “stroke” refers to the piston in the engine going up and down, a 2 stroke engine only requires two strokes to perform a full cycle of bringing in air and fuel into the combustion chamber, compressing it, igniting the mix and then expelling the residual exhaust gasses.

A 4 stroke engine takes twice the amount of time to accomplish the same thing. When the piston first goes down, air and fuel is sucked into the combustion chamber, on the second stroke which is up, the piston compresses the fuel/air mixture. The mixture is ignited by a spark and in turn pushes the piston down; the third stroke, on stroke four the piston travels up, expelling the exhaust.

Because a 2 stroke engine performs the necessary steps quicker, it does not do the best job at breathing in air and expelling the burnt gasses. The offset is; 2 stroke engines are more powerful because they have twice the number of power strokes. Knowing this, if a 2 stroke engine was as efficient as a 4 stroke engine it would be twice as powerful, but as it is not as efficient it is also not twice as powerful but a 2 stroke engine is about 50 percent more powerful than the same capacity 4 stroke version.

A 2 stroke engine requires less scooter service in Charleston SC. There is no need to change oil because the required lubrication comes from the gas/oil mix. The only thing that must be carefully watched is that the oil tank is kept full and when you sense your scooter is beginning to have less power; change the sparkplug. A 4 stroke engine lasts longer and is more efficient.

The choice is really up to the buyer, if you are thinking that you want to zip around through traffic then a 2 stroke is ideal but if you are looking for longevity then perhaps you should think 4 stroke.

Regardless of whether your scooter is 2 or 4 stroke or 50 or 125cc you can be assured of the best scooter service in Charleston SC from Scooter Stop.

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