Why You Should Consider Remodeling Bathrooms before Selling a Home in Aurora

Getting a home ready for the market often take a lot of work, both before and after you have an appraisal done. There are a million and one potential flaws that could either be considered fundamental or cosmetic, that could lower the value, or appeal of your home. Cramped half baths, out of date full baths, and baths with no storage can be deal breakers for potential buyers. If you are not sure about if your bathroom needs work, consider the other reasons for why a bit of bathroom remodeling in an Aurora home can really help improve your odds at bargaining time.

It Can Help Save Money in the Long Term

Even if you are not planning to sell right away, or if you want another powerful selling point for a home, updating a bathroom with water and energy saving fixtures can be worthwhile investment. Statistically speaking, the two most remolded areas in the home are the kitchen and bathroom, mainly because older houses were not made at times where better appliances and fixtures were available. The initial investment in time and money may make it seem like a hassle, but with the right contractor, you can completely transform a bathroom without breaking your budget and turn it into a room where you will end up saving money through improve efficiency.

You Can Gain More Storage Space

One issue that many homes have is adequate storage space. If you have bathrooms with a lot of blank space, a good remodel to include new cabinetry can not only give you more storage room, it can improve the value and appeal of your Aurora home. Specialized contractors can help you by evaluating the room you have to work with and making up customized cabinets and shelving to help you maximize its potential.

It Will Add Value to Your Home

According to modern estimates, for every dollar you put into remodeling your bathroom and updating its fixtures, you could see up to 70 cents for more in its overall market price. While it’s not a complete return on the initial time and money in a flat sense, it does mean you can add it to the price and ensure it’s not a point that turns away potential buyers. Most buyers are looking for homes that they don’t have to put more work into and already completed renovations can be a powerful bargaining point.

If you are considering a bit of bathroom remodeling for your Aurora home, contact us at RiverOakCabinetry.com. They specialize in providing the very best in customized cabinetry work for any areas of the home.

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