Concrete Replacement in Chicago, IL Reduces Liability

Crumbling and cracking concrete is dangerous. Walking hazards, accidents in the parking garage, and pieces of falling concrete will cause injury, property damage, and lawsuits. Liability increases sharply, and it becomes easy for lawyers to prove negligence. When the issue is way past repairs, concrete replacement in Chicago IL is the solution.

Concrete Can Be Sealed

Harsh winters, heavy use, and pollution take their tolls on porous concrete. Having it resealed regularly will help to some degree, but it never seems to be a convenient time to close the parking garage, restaurant deck, or rope off a monument. The problem is that business owners rarely seem to realize replacing the concrete will take more time and money to accomplish than resealing it.

Find a company that will accommodate the business schedule. Restaurants do close, and parking garages are not always full. Some work can be completed in the evenings, weekends, or overnight. This preventative maintenance will prolong the integrity of the concrete safely. That lowers costs and controls liability.


When concrete replacement in Chicago IL is required, so is an experience. Concrete can be mixed in different strengths and using different materials. Knowing when to use which process and materials is crucial to the structure. A residential driveway will not be supporting rush-hour traffic, people crossing footbridges, or the weight of a massive number of cars and trucks.

Calculating the potential total weight that will be supported, the size of the area where weight will be distributed, and the beams and joints strong enough to hold the structure in place are no easy tasks. A mistake at any point in the project can result in disaster. To work with experienced company employees that have completed hundreds of major projects, contact Golf Construction to begin the search.

Get the Structure Assessed

There are signs that concrete needs replacing long before it fails in most cases. An accurate assessment can help business owners and municipalities prepare for repairs to avoid the need for premature replacement. Do not wait for an inspector from an oversight agency to bring issues to the forefront. Be proactive to save time and money.

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