Common Causes of Workers Compensation Injuries

Getting hurt while on the job can be an inconvenience as well as painful. It can also cost thousands of dollars to treat plus any lost wages while the injured person is out of work.

A workers comp lawyer in Minneapolis, MN can help you with your workers’ comp claim if you are injured while on the job.

Statistically speaking, an on-the-job injury occurs once every seven seconds. In 2016, there were 32,396 workplace injuries or illnesses reported by OSHA. Below are the most common workers’ comp injuries.

According to OSHA, the governing body for safe working conditions, the most common on-the-job injury are workers who fall from heights. Unfortunately, this is also the leading cause of death at a work site. This typically happens on construction sites, but can also occur in an office setting. As an example: someone falls off a ladder while attempting to change a light bulb.

The second most cause of workplace accidents is motor vehicle accidents. Motor vehicle accidents cause death or serious injuries to workers. Workers who are required to drive as part of their job are at a significantly higher risk of getting hurt than non-driver employees.

The third most reported injury is overexertion. This occurs when an employee is hurt while lifting, pushing or moving a heavy object. Warehouse and construction workers are vulnerable and are at a higher risk of getting hurt. In addition, health care workers are an industry where overexertion is rising.

Other types of workplace injuries are repetitive motion injuries and slip and falls. These injuries are occurring more and more with employees.

If you have been hurt while on the job, then you should seek the advice of an experienced workers comp lawyer in Minneapolis, MN. They can help you file your claim and get you the most benefits available.

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