Classified Advertising for Tractors in California Can Help You

Selling your tractor isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Sure, you can stick a For Sale sign on the tractor and park it where people will see it. But people in your area might not be looking for the tractor your selling. You can advertise it for sale online and hope someone comes across your ad, but that could take longer than you want to wait. Classified advertising for tractors in California could be a more effective way to sell your tractor.

Benefits of Classified Advertising

When you use classified advertising for tractors in California, the people who see your ad are people who are looking for a tractor. Your tractor may be exactly what they are looking for. Instead of hoping the right person finds your ad, placing your ad in a magazine geared toward the agricultural community will ensure that the people who see your ad are the people who are likely to be in the market for a tractor.

Sizes of Ads

When you advertise your tractor for sale, you can choose between different ad sizes. Your choices of size are classified ad, photo ad, jumbo photo ad and super jumbo ad. If you choose a classified ad, your ad can include 30 words or less but no picture. Photo ads allow you to use 30 words or less and a color photo. Jumbo photo ads allow you to use 50 words or less and a photo, and you get 1/8 page of ad space. The super jumbo option 1/4 page ad with 75 words or less.

Choosing the right size ad for your needs can be difficult. Sometimes words can’t completely describe your tractor without a picture, and sometimes a larger picture may work better than a smaller picture.

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