Choosing Event Venues Made Easy

A great venue makes all the difference between a beautiful event that you can remember forever and a lackluster function. Just what goes into picking the perfect space for your party, reception or other magical event? Here are a few key elements that can help you find an event space you won’t soon forget.

Location, Location, Location

It’s true for a home and it’s true for an event venue, location is key when it comes to finding the perfect place. Things to consider include where your guests are coming from, the time of day and traffic patterns. Aim for a venue that is centrally located, minimizing the chance for guests to get lost. Conveniently situated in the historic district, Prescott Event Center is one venue that fits the bill.


Each event has a unique set of needs. A good event space will meet the bulk of your most important needs, as well as being able to adjust when those needs change. The Prescott Event Center is an example of a venue able to accommodate everything from changing seating to audio visual needs. As a bonus, it’s beautiful. When your guests enter the Plaza View Ballroom, they’ll be struck immediately by its elegance and grandeur!


Each event has a unique character and your event space should match it. Are you hosting a day-long, corporate team-building event or a sweet 16 party? One might require a roomy venue while the other might focus on over-the-top elegance. Considering the tone of your event and how it matches that of a venue, will help you pick the ideal event center. With its elegant pillared meeting rooms and beautiful views, the Plaza View Ballroom is a perfect choice for a variety of events.

There’s so much to plan for with a big event. Choosing a venue can be one of the easier tasks, if you know what to look for. Call us today to schedule your event and be on your way to a magical evening you won’t soon forget!

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