Child Support Attorneys in Bee Cave, TX Help with Payment Adjustments

Child support attorneys in Bee Cave, TX know the problems parents can have with support payments. There are some who just have trouble collecting the support they supposed to receive, while others wish to make adjustments in the amount of money that they pay. Payments can be either decreased or increased.

Why Are Adjustments Necessary?

Getting an increase or decrease in child support can be necessary for several reasons. When the parent who is paying the support gets a raise or loses their job, an adjustment in support might have to be made. A parent who is getting support might seek an adjustment because of increased costs associated with their child. For example, if their child will be attending private school, a parent might seek to get more support from the other parent. Margaglione Law, PLLC can help with payment adjustments.

Fighting Adjustments

Child support attorneys in Bee Cave, TX can be hired by parents who think support adjustments are unfair. A parent might feel that the support money they are paying isn’t being spent on their child. The parent might reason an increase in what they are paying already doesn’t mean that any of the money will go to the child. Bringing in a lawyer can help a lot if an adjustment is going to be contested.

What Not to Do

Parents who are having issues with child support payments should avoid doing certain things. A paying parent shouldn’t stop paying support just because they feel it’s unfair. They have to go through the courts to get proper adjustments made. Someone who is seeking more money shouldn’t start arguing with the other parent about it. Sure, it helps to ask nicely and avoid going through the court system but, if the relationship isn’t cordial, that might not be possible.

Child support can be a touchy situation for some parents. Anyone who is having trouble with child support would be wise to get in touch with a lawyer. There might be options available that a parent doesn’t even know about. Lawyers can give excellent guidance on issues involving child support and custody.

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