What Can Be Expected When Hiring a Same Sex Divorce Attorney?

When it comes to same-sex divorces, the rules are basically the same as with heterosexual marriages, but there can be some issues that can be more cumbersome to overcome. Although any attorney can help with a divorce, it behooves a person to hire a Same Sex Divorce Attorney to ensure their unique needs are met. One of the first steps a person will need to take is meeting with the attorney and providing them with information to ensure they can provide sound advice.

Meeting with the Same Sex Divorce Attorney is the first step in the process and one of the most important. At this appointment, the start of the process will begin so it is vital a person is prepared to provide the information the attorney will need to file the paperwork. Because of changes in law, every state must recognize same-sex marriage and must also allow divorces. The first meeting will establish the grounds for the divorce, which include fault and no-fault reasons. An attorney will help a person choose the grounds and file necessary forms.

The other party in the marriage must be served with the divorce papers before the divorce can proceed. Most states give respondents thirty days to respond to the paperwork and contest the divorce or the settlement agreement. Should any aspect of the divorce be contested, both parties will need to head to family court to have their issues resolved. Divorces can often be complicated when the marriage has been a lengthy one, there are minor children, or there are significant amounts of marital property to split. Sometimes, a family court judge must get involved to help parties settle their disputes and create a divorce settlement that is as fair as possible to both parties.

If your same-sex marriage is ending, it is vital you seek legal counsel to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the sound legal guidance needed. Contact The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel and schedule your initial consultation appointment to get started on the process. They will help you through each step so your divorce will proceed as smoothly as possible.

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