Bedroom Flooring: Carpet Or Hardwood?

Various design professionals, realtors, and homeowners each have their own opinions on a particularly longstanding debate—is carpet or hardwood a more appropriate flooring choice for bedrooms? The fact of the matter is that there are pros and cons to both hardwood installation and carpet installation in your Salt Lake City home.

An Argument for Carpet

The Spruce introduces a few reasons why carpet remains the best choice for bedroom flooring.

  • Carpet is soft, cozy, and warm – perfect for the oasis of comfort that your bedroom should provide at the end of a long and challenging day.

  • A softer floor means a quieter space. Stepping softly may be impossible on the hardwood, making it difficult to sleep through someone else trudging through the bedroom to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Carpet also insulates the room from sound, absorbing the noise of conversation and televisions.

  • It can be argued that carpet is safer, too! Hardwood floors may increase the likelihood of falls in the dark, especially if you plan to slide around sleepily in your socks.

Why Hardwood?

However, hardwood is becoming a more popular choice for bedrooms in recent years. A few reasons for this are:

  • Hardwood is simply beautiful. Plus, it’s flexible! One can achieve both modern and classic looks with hardwood flooring as a basis for décor. In fact, the presence of hardwood floors in the bedroom may even increase the resale value of your home.

  • Compared to the carpet, hardwood is much easier to keep clean. While hardwood collects dirt and dust much the same way as carpet, deep cleaning carpet can be a hassle.

Making A Professional Decision

Luckily, experts in hardwood and carpet installation at companies like Utah Flooring and Design in Salt Lake City can help you compare factors such as pricing, design considerations, and more.

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