3 Signs That Your Upholstered Furniture Needs Professional Cleaning

While you do a great job of keeping the home tidy and ensuring the dusting and vacuuming are done regularly, cleaning the upholstery is not something that comes to mind very often. In fact, there are times when arranging for professional upholstery cleaning in Virginia Beach VA will make quite a difference. If any of these three scenarios apply to you, today is the day to call a professional and set up a date and time for a cleaning.

You’ve Never Had the Furniture Professionally Cleaned

The living room furniture is several years old and you’ve never had it professionally cleaned. If you would like to get several more years of use from those pieces, having the upholstery cleaned is a smart move. Doing so removes oils and other residue that weaken fibers and eventually lead to rips, tears, and other issues. See the cleaning as a way to protect your original investment in those pieces.

You Have Pets Who Live Inside

You love your pets and allow them free reign when it comes to napping on the furniture. Pet odors have a way of seeping into just about any kind of upholstery. While you may be able to use a product to remove a little of the odor from the exterior, it takes a professional upholstery cleaning in Virginia Beach VA to really get rid of the smell. Once the work is complete, you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes.

You’re About to Host a Family Gathering

With family coming for a major event, you want the house to be in top shape. That means making sure everything is spotless. Choosing to have a professional take care of the upholstery cleaning in Virginia Beach VA ensures the furniture looks great and that everything smells nice too. That leaves you with more time to enjoy your guests and not worry about what they think about the appearance of your home.

Could your upholstered furniture use a cleaning? If it’s been a year or more, the answer is probably yes. Call a professional and arrange for an appointment. You’ll love the way the pieces look and smell once the job is finished.

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