When To See Cardiologists

When To See Cardiologists

Primary care physicians (PCPs) in and around Scottsdale, AZ, are often the first doctor people see when they are experiencing any type of health condition. Most PCPs then refer patients to specialists for further testing if they are unable to treat the condition effectively. If the condition is related to the heart, the referral is made to cardiologists in the area.

However, as a patient, you can also choose to see specialists. If you are experiencing specific types of signs and symptoms, seeing cardiologists in Scottsdale AZ, area is always a good choice.

Some of the common symptoms patients will experience before they book an appointment with a cardiologist in the area include:

Difficulty breathing – this includes being short of breath, heart palpitations with minor exertion, or if you have any dizziness
Chest pain – the leading symptom that cardiologists see in patients booking appointments is chest pain. If a patient believes they are having a heart attack, call 911 for essential emergency treatment.
High cholesterol – patients with known high cholesterol should see a cardiologist to monitor plaque deposits in the arteries.
High blood pressure – this can often be managed with lifestyles changes and medication, reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack.
PAD – peripheral artery disease often occurs with coronary artery disease. The cardiologist and vascular doctor work together on your treatment team.
Diabetes – working with your PCP, the cardiologist assists in monitoring, evaluating, and managing your heart and vascular system health with diabetes.

Early intervention from the cardiologist can help to reduce damage to the heart while managing related health conditions.

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