When To Consider Marriage Counseling

All couples go through different seasons in their life. Some are positive and optimistic, and some are more negative and challenging. Marriage counseling is a service that can provide confidential, personalized support to assist you in working through challenges as a couple and growing stronger in your ability to love, respect and value the other person in the relationship.

It is a common misunderstanding by people in Schaumburg, IL, that only couples facing divorce go to marriage counseling. While separation and divorce is a common reason to seek out a marriage counselor, it is not the only reason. At Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center, the team of professional, experienced marriage counselors sees couples for many different reasons and at all times in the relationship.

Early Intervention

It is very normal for couples to try to work through problems, challenges, and issues on their own.This is a healthy part of being in a relationship. However, when the couple is not making progress on resolving the issues, is finding the problem is consuming their relationship, or when it is easier to simply disengage from the relationship, it is time to seek marriage counseling.

Making a counseling appointment before anger, frustration, hurt or emotional distance becomes a consistent pattern in the relationship is always the best option. The longer the problem is left to continue to grow, the longer it will take to heal and recover the relationship.

Relationship Changes

It is very normal for couples in Schaumburg, IL to experience a sense of emotional drifting apart if they do not actively continue to work on their relationship. When this sense of going from a couple to roommates starts to develop, seeking assistance from a marriage counselor can help to bring you back together and build a lasting, loving relationship that continues to grow.

To find out more about highly effective marriage counseling in the Schaumburg, IL, area, get in touch with the professionals at the Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center. Details on our programs can be found at lighthouseemotionalwellness.com.

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