What You Should Know About Tennis Court Construction and Repair in Tampa FL

There are many reasons to build a tennis court on one’s property and many residents will do so in the Tampa area because tennis is great way to spend time outdoors. Not only is the activity level excellent for cardiovascular health, but it is also a great alternative to some of the other popular sports. Aside from the benefits that come along with building a tennis court, there are a few considerations that one must make prior to starting construction.

It is first important to consider that the appropriate area needed for a tennis court is 120 feet by 60 feet of open land that is somewhat level. Many residents do not have this kind of space available, but if it is, then a tennis court is a great option. Once the land is cleared, leveled, and stone is added to ensure proper drainage, it is necessary to consider the type of material to use in the Tennis Court Construction and Repair in ampa FL process. The three types to choose from are asphalt, concrete, or clay, and each choice has many benefits. Clay is the most expensive of the materials because it requires extra maintenance and asphalt is typically the least expensive.

While it is important to consider all of the options with the court itself, there are many additional features that can be added to make the court more enjoyable. During Tennis Court Construction and Repair Tampa FL a fence around the court may be added with the most popular choice being chain-link. These fences are generally at least ten feet high to assist in stopping the majority of the balls that bounce away during play. Lighting is also an option which is important if the court might be used during the evening hours. With proper lighting in place, the court can be used at any time, day or night, and will typically be used more often.

The last thing to consider is the paint that will be applied a few months after the construction has been completed. It is possible to go with paint colors that will coordinate nicely with the surroundings or the traditional tennis court paint colors. Once the court is used for some time, it may be necessary to have Tennis Court Repair Tampa FL which will allow the court to remain in playable condition at all times.

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