Advantages of Buying Roofing Materials from Metal Suppliers in Cincinnati

Metal roofing has not always been a traditional choice, but it is becoming more popular due to its many features. Steel and aluminum roofing is very durable, almost maintenance-free, lightweight, energy-efficient and flame-resistant. Steel distributors and warehouses sell metal roofing in different styles, colors and textures. Below are some of the other advantages of metal roofing.

Metal Roofing Materials :

Contractors and customers have many metal roofing choices, but steel and aluminum are the most popular. Roofs made from steel or aluminum offer light weight and durability, and these materials can give the look of tile or slate without the need for more rafter supports. Stainless steel and copper roofing cost more, but look elegant.

Metal suppliers Cincinnati also sell metal roofing that resembles wooden shakes. It will not rust and it muffles the sounds made by rain, making it a popular choice. Homeowners and contractors can buy steel and aluminum roofing materials in a variety of colors and energy efficiency ratings. Metal roofing is so versatile that it can be used on almost any home.

Roofing Material Weight :

Aluminum roofing weighs about a half-pound per square foot, while steel roofing weighs about 1.5 pounds per square foot. It is much lighter than tile (at 7.5 lbs per square foot) or concrete (at 9 lbs per sq. ft.). The low weight of metal roofing allows for easy installation over shingles without the need for roof reinforcement.

Installation Ease and Speed :

Homeowners and contractors can buy metal roofing in sheets and multi-shingles, which keeps per-square costs low and makes installation easier. Individual metal shingles are available but installation will take longer. A faster installation leaves your home exposed to the elements for a shorter period.

Flame Resistance and Heat Conductivity :

Metal roofing has a Class A fire resistance rating because metal is incombustible. Many homeowners’ insurance companies offer policy discounts for metal roof installations. However, the metal roofing’s fire resistance rating does not apply to the roof if other materials are present underneath. A steel, aluminum or copper roof from Metal suppliers Cincinnati will reflect the sun’s radiant heat, keeping homes cooler during the summer.

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