What Services Are Offered By A Family Dentist?

In Mississippi, dental professionals offer treatments and services for the entire family. The opportunities reduce potential damage and lower the risk of tooth loss and gum disease. The dentist’s complete surgical procedures and standard services that improve oral health and hygiene. A Family Dentist in Hattiesburg outlines the services they provide for families.

Root Canal Surgeries

A root canal surgery is the last resort for saving a severely damaged tooth. The procedure involves the removal of the pulp and nerve from the tooth. The tooth is cleaned out and filled with composite resin. The tooth is sealed, and a crown is installed over the tooth.

Denture Creation and Fitting

Dentures are created to replace missing teeth and restore a patient’s smile. The dentist acquires a mold of the patient’s gums for the dentures. The denture adheres to the gum with adhesive and must fit perfectly in the mouth. After the dentures are created, the dentist schedules an appointment for a fitting after the gums have shrunk to their normal size.

Teeth Whitening and Other Cosmetic Treatments

Teeth Whitening and other cosmetic treatments are used to improve the way the smile looks. Whitening treatments are applied to all teeth, and an ultraviolet lamp is used to maximize the effects. Veneers are another choice for correcting discoloration and making the teeth whiter. The devices are applied to the front side of the tooth enamel and bonded to the tooth.

Emergency Dental Procedures

Emergency dental procedures are completed to eliminate pain and discomfort. Dentists complete a variety of procedures on an emergent basis. Dislodged teeth are reinserted in the tooth socket when they are still viable. Any mouth or teeth-related injuries are managed by a dental professional. Dental professionals offer antibiotics and pain medications for underlying conditions, too.

In Mississippi, family dental professional address concerns for the whole family. The procedures correct damaged teeth and effectively treat gum diseases. Several options are available for replacing missing teeth and restoring the smile. Cosmetic services lift and remove stains from tooth enamel and make the smile more attractive. Patients who want to learn more about services offered by a Family Dentist in Hattiesburg can Contact Midtown Dental Clinic right now.

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