Transitioning from Assisted Living Newnan GA to Hospice Care

Whether a loved one is transitioning into Assisted Living Newnan GA or it is to the point that hospice care is on the table, the decision to put a loved one in hospice care is up to the family. It’s not an easy decision. However, it is important to remember that hospice, as well as palliative care, were made to provide comfort. When admitted to hospice care, a loved one will have each of their needs looked over by qualified caregivers. This takes place in a setting that is comfortable and feels more like home than a hospital. They will receive treatment for pain, assistance with daily tasks, as well as emotional support.

The question remains, though, of when to make the call. Here are some signs to watch for.

Terminal Disease

Nobody wants to believe that their family member may be heading into the last days of their life. If they have six months or less to live, hospice care is the best way to make their remaining time as easy as possible. Their transition from hospital to hospice care is best done sooner rather than later. Early action allows hospice caregivers to determine and deliver the best quality of care for a loved one.

Refusal of Care

Sometimes a loved one doesn’t need to be told that their condition is terminal. Often, they have made peace with it and have decided not to prolong the process. This is common with age-related illnesses. Just because they are refusing care doesn’t mean that they are refusing comfort. This is where hospice care will come in and allow them to live out the rest of their days to the fullest.

Progressive Decline

Despite physicians’ best efforts, a loved one might not be making any strides toward recovery. They may be losing weight, feeling pain and being hospitalized over and over again. The doctor may not come right and mention the options unless the family inquires. Depending on their answer, it might be time to change the priority from cure to comfort.

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