Mold Remediation in Aventura Following a Flood in the Home

Flooding is more common than many homeowners might think. Flooding from rising rivers or rainwater is a common type of flooding, but homes can experience flooding even if they’re not in a flood zone. Flooding can happen because of serious damage to a roof, a washing machine leaking, or someone accidentally leaving the water on upstairs. No matter the reason for the flooding, Mold Remediation in Aventura will be a good idea.

Get Rid of the Water and Fix any Issues

Getting rid of any standing water is the first step for remediation. All standing water needs to be completely removed from the home. When this is done fast enough, it can help prevent mold growth. If the home flooded because of a leaking pipe, broken dishwasher, damaged roof, or related reason, fix the reason for the water intrusion before doing anything else. Skipping this step means the flooding will likely happen again.

Remove Contaminated Items

Any items that are contaminated by the water and cannot be dried need to be removed from the home. Depending on the home, this could mean furniture, flooring, the bottom of the drywall, and any belongings that got wet. Remove as much as possible from the home, then see what can be saved. Anything that cannot be saved should be thrown away.

Clean the Area Thoroughly and Dry Completely

Once anything contaminated is cleaned, start cleaning any of the surfaces left in the home and make sure everything is dried completely. Even a small amount of moisture left can cause mold to grow. The reason for taking out the flooring and the bottom portion of the drywall is often to make sure the flooding didn’t seep into the walls or get into the padding under carpeting. After everything is cleaned and dried, renovations can begin to restore the home to the way it was before the flooding.

If you experience flooding in your home, no matter the source, it’s likely a good idea to speak with a professional about Mold Remediation in Aventura right away. The faster they can get started, the more they can save inside your home. Contact PuroClean of Aventura now for a free estimate for their mold remediation services.

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