The 3 Most Important Things to Know About Warehouse Agreements

When it comes to warehouse space, there is often a written agreement that provides you with information on what services are available and what rates are available for specific time frames. The time frames may vary depending on which warehouse in Jackson you are interested in renting. Some are month by month, while others might have much longer contracts available. No matter what type of warehouse and rental period, there are three important things to know before signing a contract.

Length of Storage Period and Required Charges

You should determine straight away what storage periods are provided by a potential warehouse in Jackson . It is also important to understand the default storage fees for the space. Understanding when the beginning of the month starts is also crucial information to have in order to keep current on your bill. It also may be a good idea to find out about any additional fees that may be imposed for certain services. This will provide you with better knowledge about what you expect to pay each period.

Handling of Goods

If employees at the warehouse in Jackson are responsible for receiving goods, placing goods into storage, and/or returning goods to the warehouse, you will want to understand what fees apply to those services. These charges are usually billed separately from the warehouse rent, but this may vary. Many warehouses have additional services in handling goods that would constitute higher fees. This might include providing supplies or packaging, delivering or receiving outside of business hours, or compiling special stock statements.

Delivery Services

In many cases, goods will only be delivered or received if you provide written instructions. This can be by email or fax. The contract agreement might offer other options for providing instructions, such as telephone calls. The contract will explain the reasonable amount of time in which you need to provide instructions, so the warehouse is capable of providing the labor needed. Be sure all of these factors fit your needs or you will likely run into problems down the line.

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