Signs You Need A Portable Chainsaw Mill

In the lumber industry or even for use in smaller types of projects, making the choice to invest in new equipment is never an easy decision. However, investing the right equipment can build in greater efficiency and lumber processing options, creating ways to pay for itself over time.

One piece of equipment that is an ideal option for a wide range of industrial and individual use is a portable chainsaw mill. The ability to move this equipment where it is needed and to handle logs of all sizes makes it a practical addition to any equipment line that will be used on an ongoing basis.

Lack of Efficient Equipment on Hand

Often the first sign a company needs a portable chainsaw mill is the inefficient way they are handling logs at the current time. By using a portable mill, the equipment can move to the logs and not the other way around.

This allows the lumber company to mill the logs without the added cost of having equipment on site to load logs and haul logs. It also prevents extensive cleanup in the sawmill yard as the milling can be done outside of the yard.

Lack of Performance with the Current System

The new portable chainsaw mill options on the market are extremely powerful and are designed with heavy-duty construction for extended life cycles. They are able to cut through any species of tree in precise, parallel cut for logs up to 20 feet long. Splitting is also possible with these systems for logs up to 60 inches in diameter.

A few of the new chainsaw mills on the market also offer extenders and log support systems to accommodate longer logs. These powerful systems can make short work of any log, and with both gas and hydraulic systems, they are cost-efficient to operate.

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