Signs It Is Time To Get The Refrigerator Water Filter Changed

Because water is essential for your survival, you want to make sure that you are drinking clean water. If your refrigerator water filter is dirty, then you will likely end up drinking dirty water. Refrigerator water filters typically need to be changed once every six months. Several signs indicate that you need a new water filter.

The Indicator Light
Most refrigerators come with indicator light. If the indicator light is on, then you will need to change the water filter.

Your Ice is Gross
If your water filter has problems, then the quality of your ice will be negatively impacted. Your icemaker may have trouble making ice. You may also notice that the ice is cloudy or has a strange odour. Changing the filter will likely resolve the issue.

Unpleasant Taste
You can tell whether your water filter needs to be changed by tasting the water. If it has an unusual taste, then it is time for you to change the water filter. This taste is due to the sediment that is built up in your water over time. The

Water Dispenser is Slow
If you notice that it is taking longer to fill up your glass, then the water filter likely needs to be changed. This is likely due to the buildup of sediment. It doesn’t matter whether you have soft water or hard water, it can become clogged with sediment.

Abnormal Sounds
It is usual for your refrigerator to make some noise. However, if it is making more noise than usual, then this is likely due to the water filter. Here’s a simple test that will help you determine whether the water filter needs to be changed. Pour water in a glass. See if there is sediment at the top or bottom of the water.

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