What Is Root Canal Therapy in Mitchellville, MD?

Many people have an aversion to going to the dentist. For many different reasons, they believe that visiting the dentist is going to be a painful experience. For most types of dental therapy, it is largely painless. Some of it can be uncomfortable because you have to lie back with your mouth open for so long; however, it’s not painful. There is one procedure that many people think of as the most painful procedure. That is the root canal. More specifically, they fear root canal therapy.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy in Mitchellville, MD is often shortened to just being called a root canal. That’s actually a misnomer. Every tooth is anchored into the gums by the shape of the tooth and by a root. That root sinks into the gums themselves. The root channels into the gums through a canal. When the canal becomes infected, it can cause pain in the gums and teeth.

If you discover the problem early enough, you can actually avoid ever needing invasive Mitchellville root canal therapy. If you catch it in time, it can be treated just as any other infection would be. If it’s a bacterial infection, you can treat it with antibiotics and topical treatments. If not, you’ll have to have an invasive procedure.

What’s the Procedure?

The root canal therapy procedure is fairly simple. The dentist will remove the infected tissue from your root canal; in some cases, he or she will remove the root as well. This means that the tooth will no longer having a living root connected but the infection will be removed. A dentist will need to follow up with you to make sure that the tooth is not becoming less secure in the gums because of the lack of a root.

If you think that you need one of these procedures, you should call as early as possible.

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