Questions To Ask Fiber Optic Cable Suppliers

Fiber optics has become the go-to technology for new installations for the telecom industry. The quality of data transmission over long distances using fiber optics rather than standard cable is critical to consider for long-term benefits to customers and consumers.

The demand for fiber optic cable, cable management systems and necessary accessories and installation equipment has led to an amazing growth in fiber optic cable suppliers in all markets. However, it will be important for contractors and subcontractors to keep in mind, not all cables are the same quality or offer the same durability and ease of installation.

Cable Manufacturer and Cabling Options

One of the most important questions to ask fiber optic cable suppliers is about the manufacturers of their cable selection. The best industrial suppliers for the telecom industry work exclusively with well-known cable manufacturers and brands to ensure quality fiber optic cable.

There are cheap fiber optic cables on the market, many of which are sold through industry supply auctions where the buyer purchases large volume orders directly from third-party sellers, which limits the quality control and support offered.

Full Supplier of Fiber Optic Installation Needs

When choosing fiber optic cable suppliers, look at the scope of parts, components, and materials they provide. There are a small number of US-based companies offering the full line of fiber optics installation equipment, including the necessary accessories and components for small to large projects.

Experience on Large Projects

The larger the project, the more important it is to work with a company with extensive experience on big jobs. This ensures the supplier has the ability to plan and coordinate orders and delivery to meet the demands of the project.

Leaving this up to a supplier with limited experience in coordinating these types of projects can result in significant delays in waiting for materials to arrive, costing you both time and money.

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