Managing Your Business Kitchen: Commercial Kitchen Management Tips

Running a commercial kitchen is not a trivial endeavor. There is much to oversee at any given moment. Nonetheless, by focusing the right attention in the right areas, an adroit restaurateur can stay ahead of the game.


Success in food service requires top-notch commercial kitchen equipment. Items such as worktables, commercial refrigerators, basic kitchen supplies, and a commercial dishwasher are indispensable. This is not an area to be cheap in. You need the best and most durable equipment available to get the best value and pass it on to your loyal clientele.


The amount of storage space you’ll need will vary by the size of your operation and your market. The kind of food you specialize in will also make a huge difference as to the nature of the equipment you’ll need. You’ll have to make choices like how many speed racks to order for your cold storage area and how many shelves you’ll need for dry storage.

You’ll need to determine how many walk-in units you need as well as how many glass door units you should have in your cold storage. You’ll also need to make sure that the utility shelves in your dry storage area are by health codes. You’ll want to keep everything well-organized and well-labelled, so ingredients and supplies can be found when needed.


You’ll need to make a large investment in this type of commercial kitchen equipment. Unless your outfit is vegetarian, you’ll need a meat grinder, and it will need to be large enough to supply your expected demand. You’ll probably need a toaster, and you will have to determine whether your restaurant is small enough that pop-up toasters will work or whether a conveyor toaster is necessary. The type and size of your appliances will, again, depend on your menu, your space, and your clientele.

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