What Makes Luxury Midtown Apartments In NYC So Popular (And Expensive)?

Ask any New Yorker about luxury Midtown apartments and they’ll likely tell you the only reason they’re luxurious is because of the higher price. While it’s true that luxurious is synonymous with expensive, more and more people are flocking to NYC to live in them, so why are they popular? The short answer is that these places provide a status quo. You are seen as a wealthy and successful individual because you can live in those locations. However, even families and single parents are choosing more luxurious accommodations because they can afford it and want that for themselves and their children.

High Ceilings

While most people have no idea of the reason why, they’re obsessed with having high ceilings in their homes. It generates a feeling of more space, which can also bring about more natural light and a sense of airiness, even in a smaller place. However, these ceilings can also cause expenses to soar because you’re using more energy to heat and cool the home.


It all boils down to the amenities offered by the building and managers. Luxury Midtown apartments in NYC usually have better options. They are designed to look expensive, sleek and modern. Even the flooring and countertops are made with high-quality materials, making it more costly to live there. However, every day will seem like you’re staying in a hotel because of the richness around you.

Amenities can range from traditional (laundry rooms and gyms) to more modern, such as a kid’s playroom, landscaping and furnishings provided, rooftop terraces, onsite parking and individual storage options. More and more people turn to those places with multiple storage facilities on-site because they need to keep certain things (like winter wear and bicycles) in a separate place. You can choose to purchase a space, or use community spaces when available.

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