When You Know it Is Time for a Gas Furnace Replacement in St. George, UT

You may feel that it is time to have your gas furnace replaced. But how do you know for sure? Usually, you will note certain telltale signs that will alert you that it is time to make an upgrade.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

If your furnace is now over 15 years old, then you need to schedule a gas furnace replacement in St. George, UT. You simply cannot delay this type of refurbishment. Now is the time to start shopping for an upgrade. Don’t wait until the last minute. Otherwise, you will feel rushed and may possibly make a less-than-prudent decision.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy efficiency plunges to a rating of approximately 78% AFUE or lower when your furnace is around 20 years old. AFUE is an acronym that stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency.

How to Read the AFUE

Therefore, you can gauge your need for a furnace replacement by measuring the AFUE for your system. The AFUE is basically the rating system that measures the energy used when heating a home. For example, if the AFUE is 96%, it means that your furnace is capable of using 96% of the energy that is consumed for home heating. The other 4% of the heat escapes through the ventilation and the pipes.

So, even if you think that a new furnace replacement can be costly, it actually can be an investment. After all, you can save a good deal of money heating your home if your furnace is more energy-efficient. If you keep your old furnace, you will pay a good deal more for your heating costs.

Switch Out Your Gas Furnace Now and Not Later

Also, once you have a furnace replacement done, you can schedule regular inspections and tuneups. All these measures will reap you substantial benefits when it comes to home comfort. So, if you are currently experiencing high energy bills or are having to make frequent repairs, you need to revamp your heating system today.

To obtain more information about scheduling maintenance or replacement, click here. Don’t spend more than needed on energy usage or repairs. If your current system is now at least 15 years old, again, begin your search for a new gas furnace now.

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