Is AC Repair Or Replacement The Best Option In Your Anaheim Home?

It seems like it is never a good time to have to budget for air conditioner repairs or an AC system replacement. However, every homeowner in Anaheim has to face this decision at some point in time if they stay in a home for long enough.

Both replacement and AC repair can be costly, so understanding which option is the best is a central consideration. This is not always as simple as it may appear, and a professional HVAC service is a trusted resource to turn to in making the decision.

Age of the System

The typical life cycle for a residential air conditioner is about 13 to 15 years. Some systems may not last as long, particularly if they are not maintained, and others may last for years longer. As a general rule, the cooler the house is kept, the harder the system works and the shorter the number of years for operation without the need for replacement parts.

As systems get older, there is more wear on the major parts and components. This tends to mean that older systems require more AC repair services than newer systems. At the same time, newer systems may need relatively minor repair and will continue to operate for years of trouble-free cooling.

Get An Estimate

When in doubt, ask the HVAC company for a cost estimate for the repair as well as for a replacement system. The technician from Home Comfort USA can also typically give a visual appraisal of the overall condition of the unit and provide a general estimate of the need for potential future repairs. This can help the Anaheim homeowner understand the pros and cons of choosing the replacement or opting for the repair

For newer systems, the choice of AC repair is often the most cost-effective. Be sure to read your warranty for the system and check to make sure if the parts or labor on the repair may be covered.

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