Information About Block and Bleed Valves

Block and bleed valves are typically part of a greater system known as a block and bleed, or B & B, manifold. The purpose of this manifold is to block of, or isolate, fluid in a system. This valve will stop the fluid that is upstream of the manifold from getting the components that are downstream. At that point, the valves will vent, or bleed off, the remaining fluid from the downstream. A block and bleed manifold, for instance, is typically is used for maintenance, repair or replacement of a machine component and there are several types of block and bleed manifolds.

Different Types of Block and Bleed Manifolds

There are different types of block and bleed manifolds, all that do a different job. For example, if you have a block and bleed manifold that has one block valve and one bleed valve, you will have a simple block and bleed valve, also known as an isolation valve. If you have a block and bleed manifold that has several valves, however, you will have an isolation manifold.

Another type of block and bleed manifold is a double block and bleed valve. Double block and bleed valves, known as DBB valves, usually replace the traditional techniques that are used by engineers. They will use double block and bleed valves to make a block and bleed configuration in a pipeline.

Other Information about DBB Valves

You will find that DBB valves have a lot of benefits. For example, the valve has the same dimensions as a single valve, but can be installed without having to re-work the whole pipeline. They also have patented designs that use two ball valves as well as a bleed valve in one component. This allows engineers to actually create a block and bleed configuration in a pipeline. You will also find that double block and bleed valves are much more efficient than traditional valves and will quickly help a work environment to become much safer than it ever was before. This is due to the space between the valves being so small.

If you are looking to buy DBB valves, or other valves, you will find some great retailers online. Before buying, make sure that the price is right and that they are reputable. You can find great value on all of your valves and supplies when you shop on the internet.

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