Important Things to Know About Gutter Guards in Edmonds WA

The installation of Gutter Guards in Edmonds WA has numerous advantages for homeowners. They prevent the need for frequent gutter cleaning and prevent stagnant water from accumulating. With a number of products available, homeowners will want to make sure they order the best design for their property’s needs.

Preventing Stagnant Water

When organic debris builds up in the gutters, it tends to stay wet and can sit in little puddles of water that cannot move to the downspouts. In addition, those drainage spouts get clogged and prevent water from flowing down and out the bottom. The result is stagnant water sitting in the troughs, which is a haven for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Other bugs are attracted to the standing water as well, including wasps and hornets.

Examples of Products

Different types of Gutter Guards in Edmonds WA are available from service providers. Aluminum screens and grates that fit over the top are two examples. Some have square openings like standard screens do and others have circles separated by a wider expanse of metal. Other products are made of vinyl and have small openings shaped like diamonds.

Choosing the Right Design

The guards are available in models considered economy and premium, with different features and price points. Representatives from a contractor such as High Point Gutter can explain the differences. Some are better for certain customers, depending on their yard features. Choosing the right design is crucial to prevent headaches with specific kinds of plant materials and managing of rainfall.

For example, the small fine needles from fir trees may slip through the holes in some of the guard designs, so a different product should be installed. There are trade-offs between smaller and larger openings in the guards. For example, larger openings allow in more debris but handle heavy rainfall better.

Occasional Cleaning

The gutters will still need to be cleaned out on occasion because the tiniest debris will fit through any size opening. For this reason, the guards must be easy for the homeowners to remove and put back on unless they plan to have gutter technicians do this work. The guards can become dirty on the top, so they should be rinsed with a garden hose.

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