Important Tasks That Your Tulsa CPA Can Handle on Behalf of Your Business

When you run your own business, you spend so many hours each day overseeing your staff, ordering inventory, coordinating with vendors and handling other tasks. You do not have time to even think about filing your tax returns.

However, your busyness does not halt the time clock that nears the end of the quarter when your business taxes are due. You can hire a service for tax preparation in Tulsa like Muret CPA PLLC to handle critical tasks involved with filing and paying your taxes on time.

Submitting Payroll Taxes

At the end of each quarter, the IRS wants you to pay your payroll taxes. You must pay the taxes that you withhold from your employees’ paychecks. You are expected to prove that you made this withholding from each employee’s earnings and then submit a check for the entire lump sum.

Your CPA for tax preparation in Tulsa can keep track of your payroll taxes for you. Muret CPA PLLC can also tell you how much that you owe so that you can write a check and have it mailed in with your return.

Claiming Exemptions

You are allowed to exempt certain expenses from your taxes. You can deduct costs for business travel, supplies and even related entertainment. You can provide your CPA with the receipts for these expenses and have them submitted as proof of why you took those deductions on your taxes.

You can find out more about tax preparation in Tulsa online. Contact at (918) 301-1100 today.

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