When To Call In Rotating Machinery Services

When To Call In Rotating Machinery Services

For many plants and facilities in the petrochemical industry, specific problems or challenges in the systems can occur that are beyond the scope of expertise of the in-house maintenance teams and on-site engineers.

When these issues occur, they are usually more than just basic service and repair issues. They are also not easy to trace back and discover the cause of the issue, which can lead to ongoing performance and production issues, the need for shutdowns and downtime, as well as mounting frustration within the petrochemical plant.

This is always the time to immediately call in specialized rotating machinery services. However, even before issues become this pronounced, there are often telltale signs that the in-house repair and maintenance crew requires specialized assistance and support from millwrights with experience in addressing these types of system performance issues.

Vibrations in the System

One of the most common issues with any type of rotating machinery and equipment is vibration issues. Vibration can occur in any part of a turbine, generator, pump, or other pieces of equipment with moving parts. When vibration is present, there is constant wear and tear on the moving parts as well as throughout the system.

Calling in rotating machinery services to address issues when vibrations are noticed is a simple way to avoid unscheduled downtime due to component failures sometime in the future. By choosing to bring in specialized rotating machinery companies and their millwrights as soon as vibration is detected, the cost of repairs can be dramatically reduced, and unscheduled downtime due to component failures from the vibration can be eliminated.

Repairs, Service and Maintenance

Of course, the top rotating machinery services are able to provide field services, ongoing maintenance programs as well as repairs when a system failure occurs. Having these professional services on-site frees up on-site maintenance and repair crews and provides the most cost-effective option.