How to Choose Paint Rollers for a Smooth Finish

There are a variety of types of paint applicators available today. Each one has a different task. You should choose the type of roller for the project based on the type of paint and the surface you plan to cover. The roller should be able to apply an even coat to the surface and to do so in an efficient manner. It is important to invest in a quality roller. It can make a big difference in the professionalism of the finished piece. Paint rollers for a smooth finish are very specific. There are a few tips that can help you to choose the right option.

Tips for a Smooth Finish

It is beneficial, in most cases, to choose paint rollers for a smooth finish based on the type of wall structure. For example, if you want an orange peel like finish, you can use a ¾ inch roller cover on the smooth wall. To avoid this, then, you should reduce it to a ¼ inch nap cover. This switch helps to improve the overall coverage and helps minimize the need for multiple applications.

If you are applying a latex paint, things get a bit different. To get a smooth cover here, it is best to choose a foam roller for the task. This also works well with oil paints. This can help to create a nice coat that is not too think for the wall. You will find these foam rollers pick up a lot of paint, though. They can apply some paints with too much product if the paint is thin.

Finding the best paint rollers for a smooth finish does not have to be hard to do. Take a careful look at your options to find one that fits your goals well.

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