How Not to Get Rid of Old Hard Drives?

Today, computers are everywhere. If you run a business, chances are you use hard drives for storing information and data. However, what do you do when the data is no longer needed? Unlike paper records you can’t just put your hard drive into a shredder and have information disappear. Unfortunately, when it comes to how to destroy a hard drive, many people don’t know what to do.

Here, you aren’t going to learn what to do, per say, but you can learn what not to do – which is just as important.

Wipe or Erase the Data

After buying around 200 used hard drives from various online sources, a study showed that special software can be used to recover data that’s been deleted. Even if the former user tried to wipe the hard drive completely, the data was still recoverable. In fact, in this particular study, most of the hard drive’s data was able to be recovered.

Formatting the Hard Drive

Another method you should not use to destroy a hard drive is a full format. Even after this is done, information and data can be recovered from the hard drive. This is similar to the “delete” issue. There’s special software that can help to recover the data.

When it comes to destroying data on a hard drive, doing the right way is important. If you fail to destroy a hard drive the right way, then the personal information and data may be able to be recovered, which could have several negative consequences.

Find out more about how to destroy a hard drive by visiting the website.

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