In Engineering, “Simplicity is The Ultimate Sophistication”

As engineering projects require more and more functions, they tend to become overly complex. Systems and connections become harder to track and simplify as components are added. The great engineering master Leonardo de Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Engineering design analysis is the process by which complex projects are systematically analyzed for opportunities to simplify the design. An engineering design firm dissects multilayered projects into their basic parts in order to streamline the design.

Test Models

The specification of an engineering project is likely to continuously evolve throughout the design process. As engineers explore new possibilities for the project, they naturally desire to add and test as many features as possible. In the past, prototyping projects was an expensive but necessary part of the design process. Actual working models, often not full-sized, were built and tested during each phase. When designers added a new feature or way to simplify an aspect of the project, a new prototype had to be constructed. Engineering design analysis in the past was a slow and costly proposition.

CAD Transforms Traditional Methods

Computer technology gradually transformed the way engineers worked. Now, designers work with computer models that are created and tested before any physical prototypes are created. This virtual prototyping allows product creators to correct mistakes, test more functions and experiment with better ways to achieve results before money is wasted on working models of the product. Engineers are freed from many constraints that hampered them in the past and have more opportunities to exercise their creativity.

Engineering design analysis is often provided to engineering firms from specialized companies. Engineering Science Analysis Corp. is an engineering design firm that provides advanced engineering solutions including, but not limited to, 3-D computer-aided design (CAD). By outsourcing these types of specific tasks, product creators are better able to concentrate on their area of expertise. The end result is usually a cost-effective solution and a reduced time-to-market cycle.

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