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All businesses need to keep an accurate inventory. When you sell products from multiple locations or fulfill orders out of more than one distribution or fulfillment center, it is even more important to have an inventory system that can keep up with all of the sales. Our POS inventory management software is the right choice for businesses of any size. It scales up, so you can rest assured knowing that when your busy season arrives, the software will keep up with you.

Our cloud-based software is accessible from any device. Your employees might use smartphones or tablets in order to check inventory. It also works with point of sale cash registers and computer terminals. If you accept online orders or call-in orders through customer service representatives, it will also work on their terminals. Our software is easy to learn how to use, and you can have employees using it within a matter of just a couple hours of training. Since our software is cloud-based, you do not have to worry about having a separate server or doing any updates to it. We do all of those things for you.

We serve a full spectrum of industries. Whether you have self-serve kiosks that you visit in order to replenish inventory or you have vending machines, our software will work with those. We can even tie into your payroll system for automatic deductions when your employees buy products from the kiosks or machines.

At ARBA Retail Systems, we are proud to provide your business with dependable POS inventory management software. Our cloud services ensure that you can manage inventory across one or more storage centers, retail locations or fulfillment centers. To learn more, give us a call today. You may also visit us online at for additional information about our services.

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