Considerations when remodeling your basement

Having a home with a basement is a huge bonus. Basements can provide you extra space to store things, or you can spend the money to finish your basement and turn it into prime living space. If you are looking at finishing your basement space or remodeling an already finished space, there are some things you should know.

Watch out for water
One of the biggest issues with basement spaces is the potential for water to get in them. Even if you live in an area that is relatively dry, you have to remember that the space is several feet underground, and it doesn’t take much water for it to find it’s way into your basement. In addition to making sure you have good drainage outside, it might be a good idea as part of your basement remodel to have your basement remodeling contractor Palatine install a sump pump and drain tile to help protect the investment you are making.

How much remodeling?
A big consideration with basement remodeling is how much to do. While finished basement space will add value to your home, it also is expensive. You might want to start with a single room such as a living room and then expand later if you decide that you need more finished space or find you are using your basement more than you thought you would.

Go the extra mile on basement bedrooms
If you are putting a bedroom in your basement, there are two key things you need to be able to count it as a true bedroom for real estate purposes. One is a closet and the other is an egress window. Make sure you work with your basement remodeling contractor palatine to include both.

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