Facts About Work Comp Marietta

If you think you have a Work Comp Marietta case, then you should know some facts regarding work comp. This is because there might be some lines that are not clear that you have to go over. With this in mind, you can then do the necessary research in order to get the information that is needed to make the best decision on whether or not you should work with a lawyer on the case. Work Comp Marietta is something that you will have to go over a few times, speak to a lawyer about your specific situation, and find out if you actually have a case. Find out more now.

Facts on Work Comp

The role that the employer plays is not over once the workers comp is paid. It will continue on until the situation is resolved.

Workers compensation is a “no fault” system.

Workers compensation covers both on the job injuries and illnesses that might happen.
Some conditions and injuries might not be covered under workers comp.

Workers comp does cover more than medical bills.

There are a lot of rules and regulations that come along with getting workers comp.
Each workers comp case is different, which is why they have to be thoroughly looked over and examined.

The medical report that was given for the workers comp has to be on hand and available.
Now is the time to think about these facts and whether or not they apply to you and the unique situation that you have. Knowing a little bit more about your workers comp can save you a lot of trouble in the long run which is always a good thing if you do not want to do all of the footwork for nothing. Read through the workers comp paperwork that was given to you to learn more.
Speak to The Monk Law Firm to find out if they are able to help you. They can assess your specific case and let you know what you have. This can be something that puts your mind at ease. Every case is different and there is no definite yes or no. Speak with a lawyer today.

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