Facts about Diaper Cakes

One of the most popular baby shower gifts nowadays is the diaper cake.  A diaper cake is a configuration of multiple diapers expertly positioned to appear and emulate a multi-tiered cake.  The configurations vary from straightforward two-tiered diaper cakes to complicated three or four-tiered cakes resembling grand castles.  Traditionally, the design is incorporated with various baby gifts to complete the design such as burp cloths, stuffed toys, and washcloths.  In a baby shower, the diaper cake can be an ingenious decoration to add to the baby shower theme as it is displayed during the event.  Once the baby arrives, the cake consisting of diapers can be dismantled and used.  Conventionally, disposable diapers are used however; cloth diapers can be an option as well.

Typical Configuration

The most common configuration and design of a diaper cake is a three-tiered one.  To create it, around 50 brand new diapers should be available.  Although cloth diapers can be a viable option, disposable diapers are better when forming the cake since disposables tend to stand sturdier than cloth diapers.  In creating the cake, a person will normally start out by making the top tier which will consist of about 8 diapers and is topped with a baby item such as a bottle or stuffed animal.  The middle tier, which usually consists of about 15 diapers, can have another baby item stuffed in the middle concealed from view as a pleasant surprise gift.  A burp cloth or washcloth would be great for the middle of this tier.  The bottom tier, which is the largest part of the cake, will need roughly 27 diapers total.  Again, a baby item like a baby blanket or bathrobe can be folded and inserted in the middle of this tier as well.  The diapers forming each tier can be held together by a rubber band, a ribbon, or a string.  Once all the tiers have been formed, stacking is the next step with the bottom tier first, followed by the middle tier, and finally the top tier.  As soon as the cake has been formed, it is time to decorate the cake with baby items and ribbons all dependent on the baby shower theme.


Obviously, the diapers forming the cake can be used later on when the baby arrives but while configured as a cake, it can serve as a fabulous centerpiece in a baby shower event.  The cake does not spoil and unlike flowers, they will not wilt and wither in time.  Furthermore, since diapers are pretty durable and sturdy, the cake can be decorated elaborately and even fashioned to create more complex cakes.Â

A Great Gift

A diaper cake is always a great gift especially if you put the time and effort to create and decorate it yourself.  Although many stores sell pre-made and custom-made diaper cakes, nothing beats something that you created yourself.  In addition, the practicality of gifting diapers that the mother can use when the upcoming baby arrives is another primary reason why a diaper cake will always be the top of a baby shower gift list.


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