Everything You Should Know About a Double Headstone

Everything You Should Know About a Double Headstone

In cemeteries, most headstones typically serve as solitary markers, signifying the final resting place of a single individual. However, for those who shared a life and aspire to continue their journey together even in eternity, the concept of a double headstone or monument carries a special significance. Let us highlight some key details if you are contemplating this unique burial option.

What Exactly Is a Double Headstone?

This is a thoughtful tribute crafted to honor the resting places of two individuals, whether they repose side by side or one above the other. True to its name, it is a headstone bearing the names of both individuals and is substantial enough to symbolize two distinct grave sites. The process of creating a double tombstone typically commences with the engraving of details for the first person who has passed away.

When the time comes for the second individual to join them, their information is engraved onto the headstone on-site at the cemetery. Essentially, a double tombstone is a dignified tribute for two individuals who share their final resting place.

Why Do People Use These Headstones?

The decision to use a double tombstone is a deeply personal one, driven by a variety of factors. One significant reason is to honor and commemorate the special bond shared by two individuals during their lifetime. A shared companion headstone or monument stands as a symbol of the enduring connection and love between them, even in death. Besides, it is cost-effective. It is often more economical to have a single, larger headstone that represents both individuals than to purchase two separate ones. This cost savings can be an important consideration for families and individuals planning for end-of-life arrangements.

Double Tombstone Materials

Double flat headstones are typically crafted from two commonly used materials: granite and bronze.

  • Granite: Granite is renowned for its durability and longevity. It is considered one of the most beautiful and prestigious materials for headstones. Using granite in creating memorial headstones has a long history, spanning hundreds of years.
  • Bronze: Just like granite, bronze has excellent durability and weather resistance. However, unlike granite, which is chiseled, bronze headstones are cast. This casting process allows for greater intricacy when adding detail and artwork to the base design.

Choosing a Double Memory

A double tombstone is a profound and lasting tribute to the memory of two individuals who shared a special bond in life. The choice of a double tombstone is a heartfelt decision, a testament to the enduring connection between loved ones. Steckman’s Memorials understands the significance of this choice and offers a range of options to help you create a meaningful and lasting tribute.

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