Do You Need Managed Or Unmanaged Dedicated Web Server Hosting?

With the option to choose a Virtual Private Server (VPS), most small to mid-sized B2B or B2C companies with an ecommerce or information-based website do not require a dedicated server. This offers several advantages to the business, including a lower monthly cost for web hosting services.

However, companies of all sizes with a large amount of traffic, or those requiring full control over security and administrative features on a server typically find that dedicated web server hosting is the best option. This allows the company to have access to a private server as the sole user of the server, but not to have to physically maintain the server. This also helps to reduce costs as there is no special maintenance, cooling or repair and replacement costs involved as is found with in-house server setup.

The biggest decision a company choosing a dedicated web server hosting service has, after choosing the server features and capacity, is to choose a managed or unmanaged package.

Managed Dedicated Server

A managed dedicated server provides the company with all the benefits of a private server, including a choice of operating systems, and with the hosting company fully maintaining the server.

This means the hosting company continually upgrades the server, provides customer service and support and also proactively monitors the server, preventing downtime. With full hardware management, this option is perfect for most businesses.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server

The unmanaged plans offered as part of a dedicated web server hosting plan provides the business with full control over all aspects of the server, including the specific server configuration and maintenance programs. The hosting company does provide hardware support and fixes, but all software and operating system issues are the responsibility of the customer.

Lower priced than managed servers, these unmanaged dedicated servers are a top choice for large companies with their own IT specialists.

To find out if a managed or unmanaged dedicated web server hosting plan is right for your business, talk to the experts at JaguarPC. More information can also be found on our website at.


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