3 Signs You Need WordPress Hosting Services

WordPress is much more than just a blogging site. While the free WordPress platform is home to many hundreds of thousands of blogs, it is now a top business website platform, offering a user-friendly method to post a website and to attract online shoppers.

Regardless of what you use your WordPress site for, there are some definite signs that upgrading to a WordPress hosting service over the basic platform is a must for your business. Watching out for these signs and making the transition to a specialize WordPress website hosting service is important for the reputation of your site as well as your branding and marketing.

Increased Traffic to Your WordPress Site

The higher the number of visitors to your WordPress site, the riskier it is to leave it on the original platform. With all the shared resources on the site, during peak traffic, it is not uncommon for a heavily used website to crash, which results in your customers seeing blank pages or getting error messages.

By choosing a WordPress hosting service, the needs of your website can be fully met by the package you choose. It can also be easily scaled up, ensuring your end-users have a great experience. It also means a much faster website, which is a critical factor for eCommerce sites and those relying on online sales.

Security Issues

As an open source platform, WordPress has always had issues with security. Different plugins and features that are added to your site can provide an avenue for hackers if they are not fully “hardened” and use the latest in security updates. With a WordPress hosting, this task is handled for you, reducing the risk of any security problems.

Backups to Save Data

The best hosting services also complete a backup of your WordPress site on a regular basis. The best packages include a daily backup that is automatically completed, ensuring you have the latest information on your site should there be the need to reload the site.

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