Caulk Expansion Joints for Sidewalks

Caulk Expansion Joints for Sidewalks

Concrete sidewalks are useful whether they are on your private property, public property, or even in front of your business but they all have one thing in common: they crack. This is not something that you can prevent as it is merely a matter of physics. As the material hardens, shrinkage occurs, and eventually the tensile stresses start to develop. While you can’t stop this from happening you can get it under control with sidewalk caulk expansion joints.

Using Expansion Joints to Control the Cracking

Concrete expansion joints are a great way to allow the pads to expand and contract; this is why sidewalks are rarely one piece but are instead split into what appear to be panels. While there is a strong chance that the sidewalk will crack after a time, these panels will serve to make sure that they break in controlled places. For example, you will normally see cracks in between each panel, and at some point, you will start to see grass or weeds poking through the joints.

You can offset this by using caulking to ensure that you create a moisture barrier and you can keep the sections from expanding. It is important to remember that over time as moisture leaks into the joints; the water can seep into the pores, causing expansion and eventually cracking. By using caulk, you will not only ensure that it can expand but that the moisture stays at the surface.

Occasional Repairs are Needed

While these are a great addition to any sidewalk they will need to be repaired from time to time, stretching and basic erosion from the elements tend to degrade them, and at that point, you will need to either remove the caulk yourself or have it done professionally so that it can be reapplied. This is a great way to protect a sidewalk and has quickly become the industry standard.

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