Let the Pros at League City, TX Make Any Sidewalk or Drive Look Fantastic

Let the Pros at League City, TX Make Any Sidewalk or Drive Look Fantastic

People probably don’t think a lot about concrete expansion joints. At least they don’t until weeds sprout up in the sidewalk or driveway joints. That’s not the eyesore homeowners want to see on something that should be no- or low-maintenance. Instead of wood in those joints, you need something made of a material that flexes and holds itself in the space between concrete slabs. Luckily, there is a cost-effective and attractive solution.

How It Works?

The patented design is made of a rubber-like material that won’t rot, will move with the slab, and is easy to install. The strips come in six sizes, including:

• 3/16?

• 3/8?

• 1/2?

• 3/4?

• 1?

• 1-3/8?

The material can be easily removed and replaced. This method is convenient when electric wires for lighting cross a walkway or driveway.

In addition, the material comes in three colors:

1. Concrete grey

2. Black

3. Walnut


The material is so easy to install you can do it yourself. All you need are a few simple tools and the helpful videos provided at the link below. The most challenging part of the operation is usually removing the old wood stripping. For video guidance on this and other processes, click the link below and see the installation page.

If DIY is not your thing, you’ll find recommended installers listed on the website.

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For more information about how best to handle those unsightly week-infested concrete expansion joints, visit trim-a-slab.com online at https://trim-a-slab.com/ or call (281) 724-0493 to speak to Sales or for information.

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