Business Administration Degree Florida can be your Key to a great Job After College

Some college majors pack more punch than others when it comes to after college hireability, and pay rates. One of the wisest moves a potential college student can make is to research not only different colleges, but different majors. It is all well and good to graduate with a Bachelor degree in a field such as Floriculture or Art History. Any education is better than no education and almost all knowledge is good however, it is a good idea to look at the projected end result. Is your goal just to be educated or to land a great job and earn a decent paycheck when the college years are over?

One degree worth taking a serious look at is the Business Administration Degree in Florida. With a Business Administration degree a student gets a broad background in how companies work and interact, and then the student gets more intensive specialized courses in a chosen area of expertise. The general business part of the degree explores accounting, laws of business, how different components of companies work together, marketing and financial management.

The specialization can be Design management, Accounting, Entrepraneurship, Finance, legal management or a number of other options. The list goes on and on.

If you graduate with a Business Administration Degree Florida what are your chances of being hired with a good company? If you graduate with an MBA from Millennia Atlantic University. your chances are great. In 2010 their placement rate was 100% in a position that earned between forty five thousand and sixty five thousand dollars a year.

The limited number of jobs available to workers who hold only a high school degree is dwindeling. Companies want to know that they are investing their training dollars in employees who are reliable and who are willing to stick with things. Whereas in the past a degree was optional, companies today most often will not even look at potential employees who did not earn a degree. They want people who they can count on to understand what is going on and to help to move their companies forward in the right direction. Getting a Business Administration Degree Florida is one option that can guarantee you success after graduation.

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