Assessing Probabilities with a Birth Injury Lawyer in Washington, PA

In Pennsylvania, medical malpractice is based on the failures of doctors to provide high-quality health care. Infants could become victims of medical malpractice due to the failures of doctors. The injuries could lead to permanent and detrimental conditions that affect the child throughout their life. A birth injury lawyer in Washington, PA represents the families of children who sustained the injuries.

Shoulder Dystocia and Brachial Palsy

Shoulder dystocia is the condition in which the baby’s shoulders become trapped within the mother’s pelvic bones. Brachial palsy is where the nerves of the arm that move the shoulder are damaged. If a doctor pulls the baby’s shoulders too hard, brachial palsy is the most common outcome.

How Does Facial Paralysis Happen?

Facial paralysis happens when the doctor uses forceps or vacuum-assisted labor devices. Temporary injuries are possible and expected when using the devices. However, if the child’s injuries are permanent, the doctor is liable for the injuries and their actions that led to the permanent conditions.

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Newborns

Traumatic brain injuries occur if the doctor fails to monitor the infant before birth. Oxygen deprivation is the most common reason for brain injuries. Vacuum-assisted birth devices are another reason why these injuries happen. The child could develop chronic seizures and cerebral palsy as a result of the injuries. Further development disabilities could result from the injuries as well as a fatality. The doctor could be held liable according to their failures.

The Doctor’s Liability

Doctors are held accountable when their failures present an infant with an avoidable birth injury. In the cases, the projected outcome and how the injury affects the child as they grow older are considered when awarding damages. Punitive damages are provided as a form of punishment for doctors who fail their patients.

In Pennsylvania, medical malpractice cases are filed when doctors don’t provide adequate medical care for their patients. Infants are at a greater risk of sustaining injuries if the doctor doesn’t monitor them proactively during labor. The instruments used to deliver the child could also present a risk of injury. Patients who need assistance from a birth injury lawyer in Washington, PA are encouraged to visit us now.

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