Adding Quartz Countertops To A Minneapolis Farm Style Kitchen

There are several different styles of design that are always popular and never end up looking dated, old or out of fashion. One of the top designs for a kitchen in both new homes, as well as older homes in Minneapolis, is the farmhouse kitchen.

This is a combination of rustic and new, with characteristics of open spaces, natural woods, white cabinets and cupboards, sweeping countertops and an uncluttered yet traditional look to the design. Often these kitchens feature islands that are used as not only food prep areas but also places for the family and guests to gather and enjoy a bite to eat or a coffee and conversation.

When it comes to natural stone countertops for these types of kitchens, quartz is an ideal choice. It is less formal looking than marble and comes in a wider variety of colors to add a pop of pizzazz or to blend into the more neutral colors of the wood and cabinetry. With the traditional white of a farm kitchen, there are several options in quartz that can be used to add to the style.

Earthy Tones

With the ability to add pigmentation to the resin used in the production of quartz countertops, finding the right earthy tone and pattern combination is really a matter of personal choice. In fact, most people find it more of a challenge to narrow down their choice as there are so many options.
Browns, tans, taupe, cream, and gray colors are a natural option, but there are also greens and natural aggregate rock patterns that are striking in these kitchens.

Blues and Reds

Another color option that is ideal in quartz countertops for farm kitchen in Minneapolis homes blue or red variations. This can include lighter blues or bright blues, and reads can range from more of a burnt orange to a copper and a true ruby red.

Neutral colors, with limited patterning, are also a very natural look in quartz countertops. These go very well with white cabinets, where the slight patterning becomes more dramatic and adds to the more rustic look.

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