About Bail Bonds

by | Aug 21, 2013 | Lawyer

Bail bonds are payments made to the court to secure release of a defendant awaiting trial. When a loved one has been held in custody by the law enforcement authorities pending a trial, you have the chance of letting them out of jail by posting bail in Connecticut. Bail bonds CT are available since there are many insurance companies and agents that offer bail services. If you cannot raise the full bail amount, worry not as these agents will be of great assistance to you.

You first need to know the amount of bail that the court has decided for the particular criminal offense that the defendant is alleged to have committed. Note that there are different bail amounts for different criminal offenses and these usually vary depending on the gravity and nature of the alleged offense. If you cannot raise this amount, then you need to approach a bail bonds agent. These agents have experience in dealing with different types of Bail Bonds CT and will ensure that you post bail successfully for the release of your loved one.

The bail agents need to however, determine whether the defendant is eligible or not. They usually look at the history of the defendant, their occupation and previous criminal records if any. This allows them to determine if the defendant is a good risk or a poor risk. To get bail posted, the agent can charge a non-refundable fee of 10 percent of the bail in question. In addition to that, bail agents require you to provide them with collateral to act as security. Once you have signed the agreement, the bail is posted.

The Bail CT are received by the court clerk who issues bail tickets. These tickets are delivered to law enforcement officers who release the defendant. You need to note that bail lets the defendant out of jail with the promise that they will return to court for the trial proceedings. If the defendant fails to report to court, they will be arrested for skipping bail.

Therefore, the law needs to be observed when posting bail bonds CT and the defendant must be ready to show up for trial after release.

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